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courtesy for studentEvery month, I change the theme for class. At the end of each month, students are required to write a one page essay on that particular theme. Here are some essays on Courtesy.


Courtesy is a polite remark, polite behavior, a polite action of a person with good manners and consideration of others. A polite speech and action and also civility and respect.

Say polite things when we meet. Someone with consideration and cooperation.


I use courtesy at home. I use courtesy at school. I use courtesy at taekwondo. I use courtesy at grandma's. I use courtesy at dad's. I use courtesy at Stef's. I use courtesy at Sherly's. I use courtesy everyday. I use courtesy everywhere. I use courtesy all the time.


When I am at school, courtesy is not messing with the other kids and leaving them along. It is listening to the teachers and helpers to what they want to tell us.

At home, courtesy is picking up after supper and putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Helping my little brother get things that are too tall for him is another good courtesy thing I do at home. '

When I am at school, I help take kids to the office when they get sick which I think is very courteous.

I like it when people show me courtesy, it makes me feel good.

I like to teach my classmates and friends new games which I think is courteous to teach someone something new.

I do not like it when kids in my class do not show good courtesy, it is disruptive and hard to pay attention to the lesson.

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