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Q1: Thanks for participating in our Spotlight Interview series, Stacy! Please introduce yourself and your book to help our readers get to know you.

I write using the name of Stacy Eaton. Due to my profession, I felt it necessary to be a bit quiet about who I really am. The first book that I wrote is called “My Blood Runs Blue”. It is a suspenseful Paranormal Romance set in a small township. The main character is a police officer who is investigating an unusual homicide. She quickly finds herself pulled into not only an intense investigation, but a history she knows nothing about.


Q2: Please explain how you came to be a writer, what inspired you to write your book(s) and how long it took. 

I had never envisioned myself to be a writer. Many of my friends over the years have said I should try writing because I have a very creative nature about me. October 2010, I was driving around at work, it was a quiet night and my mind started wandering. A plot came to me and the next day I found myself sitting at my laptop and writing it all down.  Nine weeks later, My Blood Runs Blue was completed.


Q3: What did you enjoy most about creating this book?

I found myself absolutely enthralled with my characters. As I drove around at work on quiet shifts, I found myself thinking as them and working out conversations and plot points. Knowing that I was creating a story that I could share with other people was a very exciting thing!

 Q4: What facets of your life, both personal and professional, are woven into your book, if any?  

The main character, Officer Kristin Greene is a pretty good replica of big parts of me.  The biggest part of her is the Control Freak nature that she has. That could only come from someone who is just that way. 

As for professionally, I work as a law enforcement officer and have been doing patrol and investigations for over 11 years. It was very easy to twist bits of my job and experience into this story to make it more believable and intriguing.


Q5. How did you get published?

When I was about half way through writing “My Blood Runs Blue” I started doing some research to find out how to actually publish a book. I found a company called Outskirts Press, Inc. They are a self-publishing company out of Colorado that walks you through the whole process.  I couldn’t have done it without them! They were awesome helping me from start to finish, editing to graphics.


Q6: Did you have any surprises or hiccups along the way during the book writing and/or publishing process?

I don’t really recall any hiccups in the writing of “My Blood Runs Blue”. I think the only big hang up I had was about half way through I wasn’t sure how it was going to end. I spent a weekend night shift at work running through scenarios in my mind. By Sunday evening I knew how it was going to end and on Monday I sat down and wrote the last 5 chapters. Then I went back and wrote the missing chapters so they blended together.

Q7: What one thing did you wish you'd known before you started this project?

How addicted I was going to be!!!  I never realized that once I had let the creative power of myself out there, that I would become so addicted to the whole process! I love writing and find myself constantly thinking through plots and watching people for character aspects.


Q8: You're a fly on the wall when readers are discussing your book.   What would you hope to hear them say about it?

Honestly, I don’t want to hear them say anything. I want them so sucked into the story that they don’t speak, they smile, they sigh, they laugh and then they keep turning the pages to read more.

From what readers have told me, that is exactly what it is like too. The few people who have Beta read “Blue Blood for Life” have said it is better than “My Blood Runs Blue”. It humbles me to hear that.

Q9: Tell us one thing about you that most people don't know or would surprise them. 

O.k. I believe in Auras.  The energetic fields that surround a person. Some people have such bad auras they try to suck yours away. You can actually feel it if you try. Other people have such wonderful auras that I want to bask in their glow. They make you feel good just standing beside them.  

Q10: What single piece of advice would you give new authors?

Accept criticism.  Not everyone will like what you wrote. Some people can be very ugly with their comments and it can be very hurtful, but authors have to remember that no two people are alike. Everyone has different taste.  You just need to work on finding the right niche for your writing. 

Take into account what people really say. If you have quite a few people saying the same thing, you might want to think seriously on what they are saying.


Q11: Share a short summary of a typical day in your life with us please. 

There is nothing typical in the life of a police officer.  When I am not working, you will find me on my laptop working on my books, marketing or working on my home business (yes I own my own business too). If I’m not doing that, then I’m with my family doing something.

Work days you will find me driving and responding to calls.  I put all the little details into the back of my mind to store for future reference in my books. I spend a lot of time investigating incidents and interviewing victims and suspects. I absolutely love forensics and the more time I get to process evidence the better.  


Q12:  Describe where you do most of your writing. What would I see if I was sitting beside you?

When I am working through the process, I am normally patrolling my township.  So if you were with me, this is what you would see.

Open up the passenger door and climb inside my white Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor. The seats are grey along with the rest of the interior.  Strap on your seat belt because other then it being the law, it’s just smart. If you look to the left, you will see a large console between you and me.  In that console are the most important things, the cup holders.  You can’t be in a car for hours and not have a place for the coffee cups!

In that console there are also the controls for my lights and sirens. Lots of little buttons that do lots of little things, the first time I saw it I was very intimidated. In front of those controls, you will find my mobile radio. The radio has two microphones.  One of them is for talking to the dispatchers and other officers. The other one is the loud speaker to talk to people outside of the car while we remain safely inside.

In front of the console is my MDC, Mobile Data Computer. This MDC links me to not only my dispatcher, but to information around the country. It brings up peoples information after a few quick buttons.  Well, it’s supposed to do that anyway!  The MDC is also used to send us our calls. It gives us all the information me need to respond. The location, who is calling, what they are telling the call takers and any other important information about the place we are going that is stored to that address.  We also use the MDC’s to chat with other officers who are working. Kills time on really quiet nights.

Now, if I am at home actually typing it all up, you will find me sitting at my desk in my office most often.  I have two printers on my desk and lots of files.  I keep a notebook beside me to make notes if I need to research anything or go back and fill in a spot. Otherwise, my desk is a mess, but I know where everything is, so who cares.  On the wall in front of me is a calendar and artwork that my daughter has made for me.


Q13: What's your motto or favorite quote you like to live by?

Learn from your mistakes, embrace them and grow to make yourself better. Always be the best that you can be, to yourself and others.

Q14: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us in closing such as your website, an imminent book launch or what you're working on presently?

Right now you can visit me on my website at

Or you can visit my blog:

I’m on Twitter here and I also have a Fan page on Facebook here

“My Blood Runs Blue” can be purchased on my website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Outskirts Press, Inc.

The second book in the Series, “Blue Blood for Life” is set to be launched late September.  You can read all about it and watch the video trailer on my website! The third book in the series is currently under plot stages and I am hoping to have it out spring of 2012.

I am currently working on another book, “Whether I’ll Live or Die” which focuses on Domestic Violence. I am hoping to have this released in February of 2012.

I also have 2 more projects in the making!

Thank you for allowing me to share!

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Comment by Del Huntsman on January 31, 2012 at 9:46pm

Great interview. I appreciate the information about Outskirts Press. I may contact them when my next manuscript is complete. I really enjoyed this.


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