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Q1: Thanks for participating in our Spotlight Interview series Stacie! Please introduce yourself and your book to help our readers get to know you.

A: My name is Stacie Williams and I am the author of The House With 9 Rooms.

Q2: Please explain how you came to be a writer, what inspired you to write your book(s) and how long it took. 
A: I love to read and always have crazy dreams, I wanted to become a writer so i did. My kids and family, especially my dreams. To write my children's book, not long but I have been thinking about it for a long time. The actual writing took a couple of weeks.

Q3: What did you enjoy most about creating this book? 
A. That someone would read it and enjoy it.

Q4: What facets of your life, both personal and professional, are woven into your book, if any? 
A. Just my dreams, the book is based on actual dreams combined into one.

Q5. How did you get published?
A. i sent it to decenthill publishers and they loved it.

Q6: Did you have any surprises or hiccups along the way during the book writing and/or publishing process?
A. no 

Q7: What one thing did you wish you'd known before you started this project? 
A. How hard it would be when your book didn't sell so well.

Q8: You're a fly on the wall when readers are discussing your book. What would you hope to hear them say about it? 
A. Good things but I would love for them to be honest and mean them.

Q9: Tell us one thing about you that most people don't know or would surprise them. 
A. Nothing really.

Q10: What single piece of advice would you give new authors?
A. Take your time and research everything, don't rush.

Q11: Share a short summary of a typical day in your life with us please. 
A. I wake up, get my son dressed for school. My husband takes my son to school and goes to work. I clean and stay home with my daughter and pick my son up from the bus stop. If im lucky i get some writing done but not always.

Q12: Describe where you do most of your writing. What would I see if I was sitting beside you?
A. In my livingroom on the computer and sometimes at night on a notepad when my kids are sleeping.

Q13: What's your motto or favorite quote you like to live by?
A. Just be yourself.

Q14: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us in closing such as your website, an imminent book launch or what you're working on presently? 
A. I have a collection of short stories i have been working on but need to go back over and change some things. profile:


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