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Q1: Thanks for participating in our Spotlight Interview series Kemy! Please introduce yourself and your book to help our readers get to know you.

A: My name is Kemy; I am a Published Erotica Romance Novelist. I have five novels penned under my credit, Betrayal of the Past, Forever Mine, On the Wings of Love, Moonlit Terrace, Teacher’s Pet, and a short story on Amazon Kindle, For Only One Night. I am presently due to release my sixth novel, which is titled, Shadows of Obsession.


Q2: Please explain how you came to be a writer, what inspired you to write your book(s) and how long it took.

A: I can add that I was looking through an Essence Magazine, and the magazine was having a contest on a short story. I convinced myself to enter. What started out as a short story, blossomed into a full novel and from that day forward, I never looked back.


 Q3: What did you enjoy most about creating this book?

A. Feeling the emotions of the characters, which I know would convey on the pages.


Q4: What facets of your life, both personal and professional, are woven into your book, if any?  
A. Pain, Pleasure, accepting the character’s flaws, and mishaps on the journey to self discovering, however, allowing them to grow.


 Q5. How did you get published?

A. I submitted by first novel to E-booktime, LLC in 2006, Betrayal of The Past. I got my book back after publication; unfortunately, I was shocked, the grammar, and typos literally screamed at me. If you are trying to break into the word of literacy, please get a reliable Editor, or someone with very sharp eyes to see what you can’t. I am laughing now, because, that seems so long ago, and five novels later, however, it’s stated for words of advice.


 Q6: Did you have any surprises or hiccups along the way during the book writing and/or publishing process?

A. Yes, writing the romance scenes still makes me blush. Nonetheless, since I am an Erotica Romance Novelist, what I write, has to be eloquently told, in addition, very detailed, and in exquisite taste.


Q7: What one thing did you wish you'd known before you started this project?

A. Writing Shadows of Obsession took a year of research, and that is not including the revisions, and then the tedious editing process. I have to say, to bring your words into play, is like giving birth, once you bring it into light you breathe a little easier, and pray that someone else would appreciate your labor of love.

Q8: You're a fly on the wall when readers are discussing your book.   What would you hope to hear them say about it?

A. Who is this author? I have never heard of her. Have you read Shadows of Obsession yet? Kemy’s novels are very good. I wonder are her books in the libraries? In addition, I hope she come to my city for a book signing. Trust me; I’m not very hard to please.


Q9: Tell us one thing about you that most people don't know or would surprise them.

A. I am terrified of driving. I am from the East Coast, whereas I usually traveled by the subway, trolley, Septa bus, or the Amtrak. Once I relocated to the Mid-West, you have to drive.


 Q10: What single piece of advice would you give new authors?

A. Walk alone in your own shoes, give straightforward advice to anyone along your journey, and offer a word of encouragement to anyone out there, who is trying to make a name for him or herself.


 Q11: Share a short summary of a typical day in your life with us please.

A. I am in the Healthcare field, so servicing the needs of several patients is my prime concern. However, when time allows me, you would find me pounding on my keys to pen the next best novel. After that dedication, I usually wind down with an hour of high-intensity aerobics, or an hour session on my treadmill, listening to the sounds of Bruno Mars.


Q12:  Describe where you do most of your writing. What would I see if I was sitting beside you?

A. I do most of most writing, sitting at my desk at home, and since I have access to my desktop computer at work. At lunchtime if my muse whispers in my ear, most likely I will follow it. If perhaps you are sitting beside me, the words that you read, will most likely make you blush, get romantic, or daring.


Q13: What's your motto or favorite quote you like to live by?

A. ‘Boys Play With Toys and Scholars Play With Dollars’© (Found in the Pages of Moonlit Terrace). That insight labels all my male characters when I am writing about a handsome hero. In addition, ‘If it does not kill you, it will only make you stronger’

Q14: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us in closing such as your website, an imminent book launch or what you're working on presently?

A. I am in the midst of planning several book signings this year. My first one will be in Baltimore, Maryland. Not to forget, I will be hosting an internet Promotional Book Release for Shadows of Obsession, several goodies will be given away, as well as a signed copy of Shadows of Obsession, by yours truly. profile:

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