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Expanding by timeline.

  • More than a week before Comic-Con:
  1. Decide which character you want to cosplay, and prepare your cosplay costumes and props.
  2. Try to take a photo once, looking for problems with the photos and correcting them.
  3. Get all your cosplay clothes and hairstyles in order and keep them safe.
  • One week before Comic-Con:
  1. Take inventory of the costume and props, whether they are fully prepared.

Ps: Small props must be carefully checked, such as: tattoo stickers, small teardrops, small headdress ......

  1. Familiarity with makeup and the availability of cosmetics.

Or make an appointment with a makeup artist.

  1. Start getting enough sleep.
  • Three or four days until Comic-Con:
  1. Start taking care of your skin to keep it in good condition.
  2. Prepare some first aid products for your skin, such as acne patches and the like.
  3. Know the distance between the location of Comic-Con and your starting point, and choose the appropriate transportation.
  • Day before Comic-Con.
  1. Inventory and pack up the props and cosmetics.
  2. It is best to iron the clothes and hang them up.
  3. Don't drink too much water before going to bed to avoid puffy eyes.
  • Day of Comic-Con.
  1. Be sure to eat breakfast! For a variety of reasons, cosplayers at Comic-Con rarely get a chance to eat lunch.
  2. Prepare drinking straws so as not to ruin your lip makeup.
  3. Bring small cookies to keep you hungry, preferably small enough that you can eat them without touching your lips.
  4. If you don't have pockets in your clothes, carry a small bag in which you can put a small mirror and some small makeup tools, and check your image often to see if it needs fixing. If you want to take pictures, you can also bring your cell phone and camera.
  5. Bring some pins, needles and thread, and double-sided tape to the comic book store to prevent any problems with your costume.
  6. If you need to paint, acrylics can be painted on your clothes, while lipstick, eyeliner and Peking Opera oil can be painted on your skin.
  7. Female cosplayers be aware of the need to prevent light.
  8. Short skirt characters should avoid walking near reflective floors, puddles.

Also try to avoid kneeling and squatting poses, especially on stage; if you are bending down to pose, make sure the bottom of your skirt is secure behind you.

  1. When taking photos, pay attention to whether the light is backlit or not, and choose the light and angle that is favorable to you.
  2. If you encounter uncivilized behavior, always refuse it and protect yourself.


Overall, dressing for Comic-Con is a crucial step. If you don't have a costume in mind, we suggest you go to the Crazecosplay website, where you can find a wide variety of costumes, and you'll definitely be able to find a costume you'll be happy with.

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