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the demon slayers laid on the ground, fighting for last breath. falcon had poisoned them and now they fear them.

kara looked at falcon sitting in a pool of his own blood. she wanted to hold him, tell him they'll be alright, but he told her to back off and just let him be.

so there she sat, leaned against a tree, waiting for falcon to tell her to bring her ass on.

"Kara, lets go." he finally said, standing.

she stood too, looking him over.

his wounds had healed and the pool of blood was gone, yet he still winced evey now and then.

she jogged up next to him and took his hand.

"You know, i don't have to go home.......i can stay here with you if you want." she said.

he looked at her, alittle shocked and angry.

"Why the hell would you want to stay here for?? you want to risk your life to be here with a demon??"

kara tightened her hand on his.

"You're not just a demon, falcon. you're much more then that."

"Then what more am i?"

she looked away, her eyes starting to burn.

"That's what i thought."


kara snatched her hand away and pulled his face closer to hers, their lips bearly touching as she talked.

"You're a beautiful, misunderstood creature that wants a way out!"

"A way out of what?!"

"Out of hell, falcon!"

he stared at, a black river flowing through his sliver eyes.

she knew he knew what it was she was talking about but........he wouldn't admit it.

"Kara, even if i wanted you to stay here..........i'd still let you go..i....."

he leaned down and kissed her.

she melted into his deathly embrace, loving the feeling of his strong arms around her.

he is such a jerk face........but is my jerk face.

is it wrong to love a demon.........who loves you so much that he cant stand your guts??

he pushed her away softly and the started to walk in the shadows of the sun set.

"We better find shelter, it's way to dangerous at night, even for me."

kara nodded, still feeling her lips tangle of his roughness and under the soft touch.

but demons are supposed to be cold hearted.

is falcon a real demon?



for my one and only favorite gothic sister!!!!! ily!!!!

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Comment by Betzy Crypt on March 6, 2011 at 10:34pm
AWESOME! lol THANKS!  :))) Very much apprechiated! WOO! go falcon! lol


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