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Here is the latest review for Sensitivity 101 for the Heterosexual Male.

Sensitivity 101 For The Heterosexual Male
Philip Nork
ISBN: 9781438967448
Reviewed By Tara Hopkins
Official Apex Reviews Rating: 5 stars

The age-old “Battle Of The Sexes” is still going just as strong as it ever was
- and chances are it won’t lose any steam anytime soon. So, rather than lament the
fact that the game exists, men and women around the world are instead better off
learning to play it to the best of their ability.

Such is the premise behind Sensitivity 101 For The Heterosexual Male.

Skillfully penned by author Philip Nork, Sensitivity 101 is less a self-help guide to
relationships and more a vicarious journey through one man’s quest for selfdiscovery.
Along the way, Phil - playing the role of his own protagonist - learns to
appreciate the fairer sex and develops a higher understanding of just what it takes
to make them happy. In so doing, he ultimately becomes the desire of all women
- and the envy of all men - and provides readers with invaluable insights into
improving their own relationships.

Straightforward and refreshingly candid, Sensitivity 101 For The
Heterosexual Male is an impressive presentation of a life with a plethora of
helpful lessons to share. Highly recommended for anyone seeking to cut through
the typical façade of relationship “politics” and learn the roots of true, lasting

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