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There are many different goals that we set for our lives. Whether it is to become a house hold name, have your name up in lights, or just to be a good wife and mother. My goals have been all over the place for a long time, but there has always been one that I have stuck to and will always hope will happen. I want one of my books to make it to the Best Sellers list. I have been reading Stephen King and Iris Johansen almost religiously and I can see that they are genius, I just want someone to read my writing and think the same about me some day. There have been many fails in my life when it came to my books but I have no one to blame but myself because I was so excited that I did not read the fine print. we do not edit and to edit after submitted will cost you should have jumped out at me, but I just wanted to see my work in print.

Now that I have a chance to do it all over again I will and I hope that I can do it right. I am going to find an agent, edit the heck out of my book, and make sure that I promote as much as possible so that one day I can see one of my books succeed and I can say that I wrote something that everyone would enjoy reading.

With no money to put into my passion I am hoping for a miracle or for someone to show mercy but I do know that if they read what I do they would see that I am worth taking a risk for. Maybe one day someone will and I will get my chance.


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