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Hi, this is my first time here and I love, I would like to share some of my first story with you called," Shadow's heart at stone."


Chapter 1.

Shadow sat on his bed, his face masked. His golden, brown, crinkled hair was flowing down his shoulders, his curved lips twiching in the corners at his own comments, and his purple, gray eyes sparkling with hatred.

 Hate what does belong, love what does not/The sun may shine, but her shine will end/Death is my friend, Life is my enemy.

Heshook his head, unpleased and pleased with himself.  He wrote all over his wall in permanet mark. He wrote so much, his wall almost looked black.

He stood and pulled on a t-shirt. He always hated his pale skin.

He went over to his door and read what it said.

What is beyond this door is what belongs/Life is full of PAINFUL SUFFERING. Am i suffering?/

Are you?

He opened the door and frowned.

"Joanie, what do you want?" He asked.

His little sister blushed.

"Sorry Shadow, I just came to tell you I made Breakfast."

He pushed past her.

"I'm not hungry."

He was starving. He has not eating for two weeks, yet he refuses to eat anything his mother or sister cooked.

she ran after him with her short legs.

"But Shadow, you have to have breakfast. It's important!"

Shadow had to give her credit, not that many six years olds can cook.

"No thanks, Cub."


He stopped and looked at her. Why couldn't he have been born to look like Joanie? Normal brown hair, normal gray eyes. Rosy skin with soft color and feel.

He rubbed the side of her face.

"Next time, I'm just not hungry."

She smiled sadly.

"OK. Have fun at school."

"Yeah sure."

He hurried past her and decided to climb out the window instead of leaving out the kitchen.

Where mother would be.

It was dizzling.

Shadow panicked. He looked down at his shirt, it began to fade and his skin was visible. His skin began to glow gold.

"No, not now!"

He ran toward the woods, a beautiful, gold blur in the rain. He was unbelieveibly fast, even for himself.

He never wanted anything more, then to be left alone.

When he reached the woods, he ran to the Silver Pond and stripped of his clothes and jumped inside. He did not have to hold his breath.

He could breath just fine.



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Comment by Betzy Crypt on February 27, 2011 at 1:56am
whoa. lol the entire time i read this, i was attempting to guess what he was. lol please tell me.


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