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Hi everybody, hope it's ok to do this but have wanted to put some of my work on here for a while to get a little feedback. These are the opening chapters and I hope this is the best place for them. Looking forward to hearing from anybody who has any comments.

Swords clashed as metal scraped and hit metal. Strike after strike, cries of battle could be heard against the clanging of blades, which lashed like whips as blood was spilled.

King Horius and Dorin had been fighting for almost an hour in front of a crowd of hundreds all because Dorin had let his jealousy for Horius’ power grow and slowly drive him mad.

They were exhausted but Horius had managed to knock Dorin to the ground. He dropped to his knees by Dorin's side and somehow found the strength to raise his arms high above his head, clasping his heavy sword in both hands. As he did Dorin took his opportunity and in the split second before Horius could strike, he reached into his boot, pulled out a knife and plunged it deep into Horius’ heart.

Hundreds of gasps could be heard from the crowd as the shock forced Horius’ eyes and mouth wide open. He inhaled sharply as his breath was taken from him and felt excruciating pain shoot through his body. His weakened arms were forced to release their grip on his blade. Dorin staggered to his feet as Horius fell to the ground. He lay there and gasped his last few breaths as his life slowly left him.

Silence filled the air as shock stunned every single person watching. They had all thought that Horius would be triumphant and that this battle would bring an end to Dorin’s notorious greed for power. Instead they stared at the body of Horius in disbelief.

The unthinkable had happened. Dorin had won. Horius had been forced to fight and had paid for it with his life.

The king was dead.

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Comment by Garry Edward Lewis on July 30, 2010 at 1:23pm
Hey sounds great Sandie! Has it been published? Let me know when it has I'd love to purchase a copy.


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