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This, ladies and gentlemen, is my first attempt at blogging. I've actually been in conflict with myself as to start blogging for a few weeks now. Today, I reluctantly decided to take that step (as you can tell by reading this post). It was a spur of the moment choice.  I sat down in front of the computer to check my Facebook and I suddenly found myself on I had many ideas on what I wanted to place in my blog posts but really did not know which topic to start with. I thought I might go with this because it would be much more personable to not only others in my position but also those who have been in my position.

I have thought about writing a novel for several years now. My preference is the fantasy genre. However, I just couldn't get myself to write. I had so many absurd requirements that I thought should be fulfilled before starting.  I have to admit, they were all excuses. Fears of being rejected and failing myself drove me away from paper and pencil.  I guess there was something I was missing. Something I needed to learn in order to prepare myself for the writing world.

What I learned was confidence. It was confidence in my words. The confidence in my resolve to follow a dream. I had finally gained this confidence and it was when I met someone I had been unconcisouly seeking that I took to paper and pencil.  

It has been close to a month since I started and I can't seem to get enough of writing. I currently have the rough draft of my first chapter completed! I get anxious if I go more than a day from writing. I love that I finally found my comfort in writing. I think I'm doing a decent job at filling in the spaces.  

I know I may not be the greatest writer out there. I know there are challenges ahead of me. But I will continue to keep moving forward in my journey with my newly found confidence. It will all be worth it.

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