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omg school is sooo fun but exept for the back stabbing friends..teachers...the work..umm the gym time..luch. OIkay well maybe I hate school...Anywhoo..Only things I like about school is goofing off with my Wifey and others. and thats not helping me AT ALL! GOSH! its only like 4 weeks into school and I got an F! well I brought it up to a B but still! School is a waste of my time! I should drop out. Cuz all it seems like thses days is you go. Fight,Argure,Boyfriends/Grilfriends. Uggh and I really dont need to be thinking about anything else. Its hard enough for me i already ADHD! School is soo many lies && secrets. Like today i found out three of my bffs liked my ex boyfriend Kendel. 3 kids in my claas are talking about how they wanna do stuff to me and my wifey. ugh school ERKS! Since peoele can invent iphones and crap INVENT A CIP THT YOU CAN PUT IN A NEW BORNS BRAIN SO THEY DONT HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL CRAP! I know your saying But how will they learn life....whatever Just do it.


Yasmine Lynn Was [-x-]

BTW! Im Yasmine Kristia's wifey...Umm i wrote all this! shhhhh!


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Comment by Viviana Arteaga on October 1, 2010 at 6:38am
School is not about people, its about the academics. If you don't like the people you should look into alternative schools! Like here where I live the have a alternative school that you, if you try and do the work, can do two years of school in just one. The people there are really mellow, and will help if you need and ASK for it. The problem with kids now a days is that they don't ask. Also that there have been teachers that have been teaching for decades, have gotten bitter and don't care for the students or care to help anymore.

So if you dont like it look for other things. DOnt go for a GED, they are not as good anymore,and the high school diploma is lowering in status so its good if you think about going to college. A jr college is good just to get your basics its cheaper and closer to home if you choose one near by. So when you find out what you want to be or just want to futher your education you can transfer but make sure theyre transferable hours. It sounds complicated but its not truely its not!

Good Luck!


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