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Jazz woke up in cold sweat again, losing the last pieces of her nightmare in the chilling room. she felt her skin burn as the nightmares fires caressed her pain skin.

how can dreams be so real?,she thought.

she crawled out of bed and looked in the mirror at herself. her skin was red and her dim,green eyes watery from smoke. her dark blue hair laid dead at her shoulders, as if the fire and smoke sucked the life right out of it. 

her heart-shaped face so stunned and frightened that she burst into tears. the lights outside her room clicked on the sound of fast footsteps made her hush up and run into her corner. her door opened and the lights came on.

"Jazz?" asked her mother.

Jazz hissed in the corner at her, shielding her eyes from the bright light.

her mother brushed her blue hair out of her eyes and looked at her daughter.

"Jazz, come out of that darn corner and stop hissing at me. right now."

Jazz, rolled her eyes, she dug under her bed for her slingshot.

she crawled over to her dresser and got a pebble for her bottom drawer.

she aimed it at the light.

"Jazalean, dont you dare!"

she let fly and the light bust and went out.

her mother signed and walked over to her. but before she reached her, Jazz was under her bed and in a ball.

"Jazalean, come from under there now!"

"GO TO HELL!!!!" Jazz yelled and kicked at the clawing hands that craved at her.


Jazz crawled farther toward the wall and away from her mother.


her mother stood, signing.

"My poor, disturbed child. what am i going to do with you?"

she left the room, closing the door behind her. when Jazz heard her mother's room door close, she crawled from under her bed and sat there on the floor.

Disturbed, i'm not disturbed, she thought.

she stood and went over to her dresser again to look in the mirror.

her skin was no longer red and her eyes were regular green now.

she walked over to her window and looked at the new moon. 

no wonder she was acting crazy..........

it's time for the rejected angels to ruin the lands.

she smiled, revealing her shark, sharp teeth.

she striped of her nightgown and pulled on gray, tight jeans and a black shirt and hoodie.

she climbed out the window and ran down the streets, under the black street light.

joining the other teenagers that were rejected into the night of revenge.

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Comment by Betzy Crypt on April 20, 2011 at 11:35pm
Nice! lol I liked! ;)  care to explain the storyline to me?


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