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Hey all!

   I've been way too busy and way too cold up here in the VA hills. Free Clinic is now in the tender hands of my agent, soon to be at a bookshelf near you. Bantham and Simon Schuster are looking closely at it as well as its sequel, Immunity Effect. But here's the real deal to all of you: libraries rule the earth as far publicity and notoriety are concerned. I have had my friends nudge their local libraries across the country to purcdhase copies of my book and it is now available for check out in CA, AZ, IL, FL and VA. How cool is that? It is also available for purchase at Amazon, Authorhouse and Barnes and Noble, .coms respectively.  Hoo, hoo!

   By the way, my old deaf and arthritic dog, now at my feet, says hi.

   For those of you interested in the manuscript, I have posted , as is my wont, the first portions of the revised version of F.C. on my website,  You will also find there teasers for the two other novels that are near completion and are giving my agent wet shorts. Did I say that out loud?

To all, write on. Write, write and write. It can work for you. If you get bored, you're in the wrong business. :)


My best,


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