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I am noticing a trend here, each of Layton Green’s titles have two words in them. First there was “The Summoner” and now “The Egyptian”. Personally I don’t really care; I just enjoy the main character in both, the Dominic Grey, wait that was three words. Okay enough joking around. Layton Green’s novels are infused with common things, science, extremes, and action. A nice formula. There seems to be no middle ground.. What his formula does equate to is a read that flows all downhill and very quickly at that. I for one am a fan. Layton Green was nice enough to stop by The G-ZONE, my blogtalk radio show, here is the link for that discussion:

“The Egyptian” synopsis:

“  At a mausoleum in Cairo’s most notorious cemetery, a mercenary receives a package containing a silver test tube suspended in hydraulic stasis.

An investigative reporter tracking rogue biomedical companies is terrified by the appearance of a mummified man outside her Manhattan apartment.

A Bulgarian scientist who dabbles in the occult makes a startling discovery in his underground laboratory.

These seemingly separate events collide when Dominic Grey and Viktor Radek, private investigators of cults, are hired by the CEO of an Egyptian biomedical firm to locate stolen research integral to the company’s new life extension product. However, after witnessing the slaughter of a team of scientists by the remnants of a dangerous cult thought long abandoned, Grey and Viktor turn from pursuers to pursued.

From the gleaming corridors of visionary laboratories to the cobblestone alleys of Eastern Europe to a lost oasis in the Sahara, Grey and Viktor must sift through science and myth to uncover the truth behind the Egyptian and his sinister biotech – before that truth kills them”               

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