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Hello Everyone,

It is summertime, that hot time of year.  This is the time when families, friends, relatives and all will be getting

together for those big family reunions and family gatherings in the backyard.  I love summetime even though

it is muggy hot down south.  That is one reason some call it the "dirty south".  (smile).  I love all of God's

seasons.  They are all very special times of the year.  God made all of them for a reason.  The summertime

is when most of us gets the opportunity to relax and hang out more with our families and friends.  We often

take our vacations from work during this time of year to get away from it all.  This is a feasible  time of year

also because we love to be outdoors a lots.  Children love it because they have their time to play and hang out

with their friends and be outside more often.  I can remember when I was a child, I couldn't hardly wait until

the summertime was here.  My sister and my cousins would visit each other and enjoyed playing

with our dolls and playing hop-scotch on the sidewalk.  The boys would be riding on their bicycles and

playing marbles or either playing soft- ball in the back yard.  Boy did we have a good time! Summertime

is a "Funtime of year, it seems as though people are sometimes more friendlier and treats you a little

differently.  I can remember when our neighbor had a garden and she grew all kinds of vegetables.  She would

be so nice as to give us those good juicy tomatotes, orkra, and peas.  We loved those vegetables, they were so

good at the dinner table.  Oftentimes. during the summertime, those of us who have relatives in the country,

would often gather up our belongingds and family then hit the road, going to visit them for maybe a week or

two.   Boy was this an expierience, see those animals on their farms.  I got a chance to see my uncle milk the

cow, feed the horses, and look at all the chickens running around in the yard.  I was afraid of those chickens

because they would try to run and pluck at us whenever we picked at them. (smile).  Oh the smell of

summertime, just brings so much joy to one's soul.  The skies are so clear and beautiful, it seems as if

nature is at it's best.  The stars at night time is so lovely and serene.  I used to go outside at night and try

to count them.  Summertime growing us for me was so wonderful. This is the time of the year when the

crops are ready for picking, corn, tomatoes, orkra, peas, etc.  Everyone can't wait to eat those refreshing

vegetables that the farmers had taken the time to grow for us.  Thank God for those who help our vegetables

to grow so there will be plenty of food and vegetable to eat.  Oh look at what we have to be so grateful for.

  I hope and pray that those of you who read this blog enjoy summertime as well.  Now days, the weather is so

hot, we have to often stay inside in our homes to stay cool with our air conditioner going. (smile)  But when it

finally cools off, that is the time to go outside and just have yourself a ball, live it up, run, jump, play do

whatever make you happy.  Don't forget to get you a good book and find you a nice quite spot to read and

enjoy it also.  It is summertime!  Be Blessed.  

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