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Another awe-inspiring eNovel coming from The Chuck-Master of

Science Fiction Fantasy!


'It's Not A Lovable Pet Story!'


Your beloved pet might be a parrot, a chinchilla, a sugar glider, a cat, a dog, a python, a rabbit, or a another wonderful species of animals that inhabit our earth. Without a warning, your pet becomes a homicidal maniac, it turns on you, and viciously murders you by any means possible! Pets murdering humans is the trend of murder cases that Homicide Detective Rusty Rockwood is investigating, along with his new partner, Forensic Veterinarian Dr. Maggie Hanson. Marty and Maggie do have their troublesome pasts to deal with, and their personalities mix like gasoline and fire, but they do have a committed goal to figure out why our pets are killing us. Will they solve the mystery before every animal on earth viciously kills off our human race? 



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