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I thought once I completed the story of Set Free that I would move on to something else. I discovered I was wrong. With An Amish Home, I really enjoy going back to Karsten Field. The first story is available for $0.99 at this link -

It is a lot of fun to see what Allan has become. Having two young children opens up so many possibilities. If you read my story for the series Mark Miller's One, then you know I had a personal experience with a flood that got my life back on track when I had strayed a little. Major events like that help us realize what is important and separate it from the trivial.

In the first Amish Home story, Allan and his family face a flood far worse than mine. His motivations have changed from his original Amish Journey. Now that he is "set free", his focus changes to his family. These stories will be about how his faith affects more than himself.

The next stand alone story will go in a different direction. Instead of too much rain, Karsten Field will experience a drought. Being such a small community and being self-sustaining, this sort of natural disaster brings about a challenge akin to a Goliath stomping through their crops.

How will Allan stand up to that?

I am currently working on it and we will all know quite soon.

For now, please give a visit to my author page -

Thanks for reading!
Your friend, Laughing George

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