Authors, Writers, Publishers, and Book Readers here guys...i love to call my self the love doc,coz i know everything to do with love...what its all about,what it does to you...and maybe you do too...why?cause it captures just about everyone..the good the bad..the wicked....everyone at some point is affected with love...its like air...we need it1its part of us!!
just wanted to say a few things......and this is a story of my closest friend..who can never lie to!
when the people we love hurt us,its about the heart,which affects the head...then eventually our social being....*rewind..i wana talk about the heart,have you been hurt before?were even though you cant see your heart just breaks...others it tears away..others it unexplainable...the feeling is somethng else...the blood pulse rate beats to infinite,here i like to say even the strongest dont survive...i know you have dropped tears for someone before,,,hehehe....its needed to...,anyway whats important is not that,but the importance of having passed through some pain in life,imagine if all went well for you in ur life..u never got lost never met wrong people that mislead have never been rejected before...and others like me you have never drunk en cried out for someone coz of someone you thought was special,i must say....u have hard one hell of a boring life....come on you must have alist...alist done something silly or stupid coz of some one.....and ITS OKEY!:-)

All that prepares you for something...and its not ordinary my your self can judge for your self if its not oready happened :-)..its simple...HEART BREAK,PREPARES FOR FOR A HEART MEND....without getting wont know what it feels like to have pure joy and happiness..without wont know what it feels like to be accepted by someone...."its cause of the pain i went through i realise just how blessed iam to have you'have you thought of that silent never say just feel it....and basically,thats my point.....the best example is in a marridge,when my mom and dad fought,it was terrible....yah...but i think of that naw and realise...each time that happened,a degree in there love grew even stronger :-) u know that too huh?in my book...i talk about the hardships we find in life...and the faith i have that something great is really reserved for you in the end...and sinve its big..i help you prepare for a heart mend..ur destiny...everyone really needs to be happy...hala....

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