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Greetings, I am new here and just looking around trying to get a feel for the site itself. About me... I am writer and artist. I write anything from plays, novels, short stories, poetry, and children stories and my art and my writing questions and challenges the 'Human Realities of this world'. The best way I can sum it up, just that it is all very involved. I raise questions of the human potential and those prospects of possibilities that may or may not be inflicted and imposed on the world, but any thought or idea that i hope to raise is done so with a sense of social conscience, knowing and understanding the power of an 'idea' can shape and change the world. It is a simple seed of a thing, but it can change the world as we know it and understand it. Truth is constant but truth is relative in that understanding of it and that perspective in which it comes to be perceived. Gavion E. Chandler~ 'Man is his own devil.' P.S. if you are interested in the type of artwork that I do you can go to

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