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Written By: Ralph Hawk

As many of you know, as of 8/31/19 I resigned as mayor of our city; and on 9/30/19 I shall return to Parallel Reflections, my native earthly reality. These actions were mandated by the overlords who’ve controlled my basic choices of life here in the Earth One reality of the universe. But I was asked to remain here during September to ‘tie up any ‘loose ends’ I may still have here,” as well as aid our city’s new mayor until he’s “on his feet,” so to speak. And if you’re wondering why a newly appointed mayor might need the assistance of an outgoing one, then you’ve never lived in this city!
But before I get carried away by digressions, let me say a very heartfelt farewell to all my friends. I’ve lived in the Earth One reality of planet Earth for over fifty years now! I was in my early thirties when I came here, and since I’ve been here, I’ve not aged here. This is a fact of nature which applies to reality crossover. Thus, I’ve been alive for over eighty years now, though my actual age is thirty two. And I have the physical characteristics of a thirty two year old, but when I return to Parallel Reflections, my aging process, stopped now for fifty some years, will begin again, though I’ll begin that process from age thirty two.
And some may say “Boy, it must have been nice to live all those years without growing older?”
My answer: “Well, not necessarily.”
I’ve lived to see that an outspoken minority of each generation apparently attempts to assume certain traits and lifestyles on to itself. And this vocal minority then attacks what are often certain falsely perceived obstacles. And let me tell you that the current uprising concerning environmental matters is one such obstacle, and should concern all residents of Earth One. Time has told us that changing weather patterns are inherent to planet Earth. Yet, the emphasis on the environmental situations of this planet seems always to center upon human activity only. But it may be that the time to move aggressively to confront the non-manmade aspects of this topic has come. With its massive population, Earth One simply can’t allow its version of planet Earth to become either too hot or too cold for habitation.
But I’ve digressed here. Now let me once again address the topic of my departure from Earth One. The person who’ll replace me as leader of this city has already arrived here. I’ll not disclose his name at this time, but I’ll say that I’ve found him to be a nice fellow, and someone whom I believe will do a great job leading this city. And, like myself, he’s in his early thirties, and was born in the Parallel Reflections reality of the earth.
And, I’m surmising that you who read this can sympathize with the sense of melancholy I’ve been feeling now for some days. It won’t be easy to leave the friends I’ve made here in this city, and though I did live in other areas of Earth One before I came here, the vast majority of years I spent in the Earth One reality were spent here in this city.
And this was always a city set apart from others. It was, and still is a city where humanly unexplainable events could happen – and have happened (take my non-aging for example). Yet, for some reason, all that’s occurred here has gone relatively unnoticed by people outside this city.
And I know that I’m greatly responsible for the truth contained in the previous sentence. I didn’t begin to document anything I’d done here in this city until about ten years ago. But this was done (or not done) by dictate of my overlords. And this mandate, given to myself and other leaders of this city, corresponded time–wise with my friend Joseph Same being required to undertake his so-called “journeys of retribution.” And of course some of his experiences while upon those journeys, and some of his thoughts concerning those expeditions, as well as other matters of personal interest to himself, were documented by him in his massive book “The Same Tapes.”
But I know I’ll always look with fondness when I recall the special fiends I came to know here: Orlon Braem, Rahon Leyf, F.John Surells, Steven Fillmore, Corzer and his girlfriend Valerie, Al Asher, Mr Havess who owned our city’s largest factory, and yes, even his mischievous daughter Lauren whom I eventually needed to banish from our city. And there were many others I came to know and cherish here. And some of them were outsiders who would come here to our city and stay with us here for a while before they would return to their real homes in areas of this nation which would be considered “normal” in regard to this city.
So, I guess as I prepare for my return to Parallel Reflections, I’ll leave you with these words which hopefully will disclose what I consider to be some of the most important non-sexual
“facts of life” I’ve learned while I’ve lived here in Earth One. But first, I’ll once again say farewell my friends, and may our God always protect and keep you in His grace until He unites you with Him in eternity.
Yes, Earth One is, undoubtedly, a reality of constant changes. And while it’s usually necessary for inhabitants of Earth One to react to those changes, sometimes it’s not a bad idea to try to maintain at least a portion of whatever may have been yesterday’s goodness.
And, I feel that without boasting, I can say that I became a somewhat powerful man in the Earth One reality. I was a major force in a city which defies convention and realism; and can’t be adjudicated by any local, state, or federal laws, though it exists within The United States Of America.
And I learned that many who live in Earth One can’t foresee what life will be like in the years to come. Thus, they allow the areas they currently occupy to be overrun by opportunists from foreign lands who say they’re unable to correct the problems which exist in their native lands, and thus must leave those lands so that others can support them elsewhere.
And often then a media which cloaks itself in liberalism is able to cast guilt upon all who oppose any type of illegality, be it concerned with immigration, crime, or any type of concern which the people of tomorrow will certainly need to confront. And today foreigners living illegally in various nations have become part of a large coalition of what we might term left wing sympathizers, whose goal is, they believe, to “equalize” all of life in Earth One. And when the Americans of this group gloat about their phony impeachments, perhaps they should look at themselves, and remember the massive damage their policies have inflicted upon American life.
But, if I can leave you with one piece of truthful advice, please let it be this: Don’t be fooled by radicals and their subordinate so-called immigrants. No one will ever allow him or herself to turn over his or her God-given freedoms to a coalition of troublemakers whose goal is some sort of either socialist, communist, or fascist dictatorship. And you may think I’m a fool for suggesting this, yet I believe it’s most certainly true: If the current trends of liberalism are not reversed, Earth One may someday revert back to another ism long since eradicated. Yes, be careful you of years to come, feudalism may be your birthright.

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