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This has been a fun week of reading and writing for me. The content has been the key. Normally I get to see some pretty neat stuff, but when I get to dig into a character I just can’t get enough of, well it is that much more fun and then it turns to brief sadness. Why sadness? The usual thing, I have to wait another year to devour another installment of the series. Douglas Corleone and his character Kevin Corvelli is one of the characters I cannot get enough of. Let get to the action shall we?

“Kevin Corvelli---a hotshot New York defense attorney who packed up his bags and hung his shingle in Hawaii to dodge the spotlight---is deep in his mai tais at a resort when an argument erupts down at the other end of the bar. It’s a pair of newlyweds, married that very day on the beach. And since Corvelli doesn’t do divorces, he all but dismisses the argument.

That’s at least until the fire breaks out later that night, and he barely escapes his hotel room. Most weren’t so lucky, including the new husband. His wife, Erin, becomes not only the police’s prime suspect for arson and murder but also Corvelli’s newest client, and she has a lot working against her, like motive and opportunity, not to mention a history of starting fires.

The heat gets turned all the way up in Douglas Corleone’s scorching legal thriller Night on Fire, his second following the MB/MWA's First Crime Novel Competition winner, One Man’s Paradise.”   

Hmmm, what is it that I love so much about this young series; I mean there are only two installments thus far. My simple answer is the flair and panache of the author. The setting is beautiful, Hawaii, and Corleone paints it in very vivid pictures. I can feel the breeze and hear the tide rolling in and out. For me an almost deaf guy, that is heaven. The dialogue is what has me so taken though above all else: witty banter, great takes on things, and a skewed vision of what is real and what is not. Sarcastic, sublime, smart ass, call it as you see it; it is all good and is just one facet of the author’s ability. It is very apparent, very quickly as you read, as to why this author is an award winner and deserves the read. I say hit the beach, enjoy the surf, check out the honeys and have a drink with Kevin Corvelli.  A smile and well described rainbow await you.

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