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           Coming soon, within a few weeks… 'It's Not A Lovable Pet Story' ...Written across the front cover, are the words: 'It's Like Reading a Three Dimensional Sci-fi Horror Movie Within Your Mind', which is a bold statement of pleasurable reading. The shocking action will jump into your mind's eye.

            As if they're being turned into vicious serial killers, our lovable pets are viciously murdering their human caretakers, which happens to be the new murder cases that Dallas Homicide Detective Rusty Rockwood is investigating. To understand why the animals are acting like crazed serial killers, Rusty collaborates with Forensic Veterinarian, Doctor Maggie Hanson.

            Rusty and Maggie each have a troublesome past that's mysteriously connected to the notorious Texas serial killer, the Mesquite Ripper, and their opposite personalities mix like gunpowder and fire. However, they do have a committed goal to figure out why our pets are killing their masters by any means possible. They're investigation takes them on numerous weird and wonderful sci-fi adventures that'll blow your mind right through a cosmic wormhole. Will Rusty and Maggie solve the mystery before every animal on earth viciously kills off our human race? There's plenty of romance, horror, mystery, and comedy within this must-read sci-fi adventure thriller. 


Cover designed by Chuck Keyes


      My objective as a novelist is to offer the readers enjoyable sci-fi stories that are not over everyone's heads with deliberate uncommon words and concepts that only an Einstein can comprehend. Exciting, easy to read stories, offering everyone much more than just science fiction. I love twisting comedy, love, drama, adventure, horror, action, and mystery into my stories. I truly hope everyone will enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed creating them for the world. I plan to continue offering the readers new novels, such as my upcoming, 'It's Not A Lovable Pet Story!' It's like reading a three dimensional action movie within your mind. Thus being a bold statement of excitement, adventure, romance, and mind boggling horror.


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