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Starting Oct. 3rd and running until Nov. 2nd Trestle Press will have its first “Harbinger of Horror” campaign. All titles that have anything to do with Horror, Suspense, Thriller, and Mystery will be featured. As of this writing the creative collective minds of the Trestle Press authors are painstakingly attempting to come up with some type of fun incentives to get you to read their hard work. WE WANT YOU AS A READER! Look for more updates as I am in the middle of making more than a dozen pieces of cover art to go along with this campaign. Some of our slogans thus far are:

“On an Ereader, no one can hear you scream!”

“The Screaming Starts Oct. 3rd

“You may scream till Nov. 2nd

“Always there, just over your shoulder”

“Stay up all Fright Long!”

“Even the Fearless Will Have Nightmares!”

As you can see we have some very catchy tag lines. This is just the tip of the iceberg; wait till you see what is on the way. The Trestle Press team of authors are hard at work right now; producing quality reads that will slake the thirst of any zombie, serial killer, noir, hard-boiled, suspense, paranormal…reader. Be prepared to be wowed and be ready for it soon. Oct 3rd is just around the corner.It is “Always there, just over your shoulder”.

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