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Flat out I love this series. I know, the covers right. How hard do you think it is to find pictures of squirrels doing stuff? Remember they are not method actors. Dribbles is but a component to this intense and moving digital short story series put out by Cody “The Toyeman” Toye. The real action behind all this is those being displaced by greedy muck-mucks. Dribbles is but a tool, a foot soldier, in the fight to strike back at the Man. Cody Toye creates a chilling and at times all too real universe of perverse passion by those that wield power. I for one enjoy the way he balances the scales using one of my favorite new characters, Dribbles. Take the journey with me. If you haven’t had the chance to groove on this yet, there are two other installments in the series; go back and enjoy them. For the price, just $.99, you can’t go wrong with any of them, they all rock.

Here is the synopsis:

“As Co-Owner of Q.J. Enterprises, Mr. Quinten was used to getting everything he wanted. When the company starts losing huge amounts of money he is forced to deal with the unusual claims. Thousands of dollars on office supplies and rolling black out's are the least of his worries. Many sightings of super intelligent squirrels have the workers in a frenzy and now they are threatening a strike. What could make this worse? How about if a mysterious package is delivered? How about a little blackmail and mayhem? How much damage can little squirrels cause? Mr. Quinten is in for the surprise of his life!”         


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