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They pulled up in front of a night club.

''Member,don't act suspicious,get jiggy wit a broad. Jus keep ya head focoused. Ya got me?''

"Yerd." ( together )

They walked in the club.On their way in, Raz told the guard to tell Tommy they were there. As they got in,Sharp pulled some girl to his waist.

"Mmm-mmm-mmm! Oooo! You tall, chocolate,and jus like I like em. You wanna dance?"


"You can buy me a drink since you ont wanna dance."

"You tellin or askin?"


Sharp pushed the girl away. Usually Blaze got jiggy but all he could think about was Kalla. She was his life.

"Yo! We movin."

They all got back into their pack. The guard led them to an office in the basement.

"Tommy only wants Raz."

Raz stepped into the office. A fat white guy was sitting behind a black desk. He was eating chicken and macaronni.

"You threatnin ta take ma corna huh?"

"So dat runt did tell ya?"

"Yup and he here now."

"Bring em in."

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