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The number one rule for authors is to network with other authors.  I have been informed numerous times that authors who resist others in the field, often disappear.  What’s the best way to network?  Find someone smarter than you. It's the only way we will learn and/or grow.


This information isn't some secret that I've uncovered.  It's a known fact amongst writers.  So, why do authors spend their time trolling for Facebook and Twitter "likes?  It clogs their newsfeed with non-stop self-promotion. No one hears what you're saying because they are too busy screaming from their soap box.


I want to meet authors who are willing to share marketing ideas and writing tips.  Every day I learn something new.  Imagine how much more we would learn if our newsfeed contained useful information rather than nonsense. 


I am not judging anyone who has trolled for "likes".  I'm guilty myself.  I consider my stroll down Troll Lane a lesson learned.  I want to associate myself with writers who are "smarter" than me.  I want to work with them not only to gain knowledge, but to share knowledge.  No one wants to be the least intelligent person in the "chat" room.  Associating ourselves with experienced, smart individuals pushes us to learn. 


This site is the perfect opportunity.  Let's start a new group for writers who want to share and learn.  If you know an author smarter than you, invite them to the site.  Our number one rule:  Trolls need not apply.

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