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From what I hear no one was allowed to go back. The city was destroyed and They are still there. The army guards the city from the outside making sure nothing goes in or out. In just a matter of hours They destroyed the city our lives our families and our faith in the Vatican and God. Two women out of no where flew down from the sky and landed in the middle of the city smiling like nothing they did was not out of the ordinary. And with just a movement of one of their lips a three mile diameter of the city was destroyed. The people on the edge of the destruction ran in to the barren destroyed part of the city to search what caused such mayhem and what they found was their deaths. Within minutes the army was called to the city, encircling the destruction that increased in three fold. Brave men and women were sent in and never came back whole, some came crawling on the floor muttering, like lunatics, about the third soul that was missing. They search for the third soul. As the destruction increased a women walked into the military camp and went straight to the general. Saying no earthly weapon will kill Them and They will not leave until They find their third their sister their complete circle Their third Fate. The Fate's sister was missing and with out destruction there can not be any healing.

I hopped off the last step from my mobile home, the dirt rising underneath my feet and the constant beating of wind from the helicopters that circled the city 20 miles away echoed in my ears. It wasn't as irritating as it was the first night I slept in this tin house the government gave to the lucky few who lived outside of the attack range. I looked up to the sky the sun was bright but the atmosphere around the trailer park was dim. Its been almost a whole month but bitter angry and confused feelings still lingered. I dont blame people for being that way, they lost family friends homes memories. All I lost was a studio apartment and clothing I didnt have much I just moved into the city a month before any of this started.

Even though people lost people lost people we build our families back by adoptin others when a tragedy like this happened and thats what one nice family did to me. They saw when everyone was being transported by army trucks I was sitting at the very back hugging my knees just looking ahead confused about everything not paying attention to anything or anyone.

"Are you okay child?" I heard someone ask but I didnt look up, I was still in shock still absorbing everything up.
My hair had fallen into my face along the ride and a dark hand pushed it away from my face cupped my chin and brought it up so that my eyes were staring right into hers.I knew they were from a woman because the fierceness they had, and then the sudden change to tenderness as soon as they saw how I felt inside. I didnt have to explain anything to those big brown eyes they just understood. She brought my head to her protruding chest I wrapped my arms around her and I just shook, holding on to her like she could explain everything to me in just that embrace.

This was a story I started I'd say about a year ago and got stuck. I know I won't finish but I just wanted to share it. What do you all think?

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Comment by Alex Davis on December 6, 2009 at 6:35am
Ahh! Thhat was awesome :)
I wish you'd finish it, it's kinda like something I'd write, which means i like it a lot :D
Comment by Viviana Arteaga on December 6, 2009 at 8:49pm
Lol thanks! Ive been trying to continue it but I cant go anywhere with it.


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