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During the First Gulf War, the Iraqis invaded Kuwait. The United States under the direction of Pres. Bush, coordinated a multi-national effort which later became known as “Operation Desert Storm” and pushed backed the Iraqis out of Kuwait.
I remember reading how the Iraqis felt that America should over throw the Government. They couldn't understand why we tolerated such an evil Empire. Isn't that odd? They couldn't understand what it meant to be a civilized country, where respect for the Pres and Govt. is how we live. That we do not live under a Dictatorship.

I see our country now in a turmoil that I don't think has ever existed with such fervor. You can love Pres. Trump or you can hate him, but he says things that hit the absolute core of truth. It's what happens afterward that makes everything confusing. And that is basically, how a person interprets what he says. 
He speaks truthfully about illegal immigration, which every Pres has had to deal with. His plan is to get these illegal immigrants to take a path to become legal. The plan is, first you must leave and then you can come back properly.
 We have done things so wrong in this country for so long that to correct these policies in a swift manner causes extreme pain for some. These things can be worked out.
What will never change is hatred. Trump does not inspire hatred. People hate. 
Ivanka has converted to Judaism because her husband is an Orthodox Jew. Yet recently, many Jewish cemeteries have been desecrated. This is the stupidity of hatred. They now think they have a reason to hate because they have misinterpreted him and think they have a good reason to hate. 
The Liberal way of thinking is equally dangerous. Misinterpretation of his core beliefs. 
The problem is that Trump embellishes everything he says. His half truths have no place in being a Pres. His immature behavior on Twitter is no better than an insecure 15 yr old. 
His recent address to Congress was a vast improvement to his behavior. I truly hope he finds his way to being the Pres we need and that we can trust him and that he will make America great again.

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