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No mental gymnastics here. Simply put, a very well developed story.

Lucero has obviously made full use of the ever changing, day to day experiences in “his store”. The events described beg the question ... “I

s the customer always right?”

His cast of characters will amaze you. Some come to life right before your eyes ... not without the savory seasoning of a fine writer.

A dry wit without match. Plenty of surprises keep the pages turning.


David is quite the storyteller and with this book — a real author as well.


L. Curt Erler ~ Author of “Southside Kid”



"Who is Minding The Store" by David Lucero captures with uncanny realness the very familiar politics people deal with at this Home improvement store.  Everybody has had these situations, well describe in this book, during their life time. The characters are real, I've met them all at one time in my life. The Hilarious and sometimes sarcastic thoughts behind each polite conversation is something we all do on a daily basis.  Mr. Lucero captures those thoughts with cunning witt and smile making humor.  This book taught me managing tactics I never knew about in a round about way.  This is a feel good story for everyone because everyone has been in these situations at one time in their Life. This book is well written and flows for an easy read. You will cheer for the main character and feel contempt for others.  I highly recommend this book.


Matt Schott

Author of the Award Winning Sci-Fi novel, "Lord Skyler and The Earth Defense Force"




David Lucero, who knows because he’s been there, has penned an amusing and insightful look inside the retail industry with all its mysteries, intrigues and foibles.  His young store manager must deal with cranky know-it-all customers, shoplifters, lazy employees, backstabbers, and dubious corporate strategies, all the while trying to keep his sanity and be a good husband and father.  There’s nary a dull moment in Who’s Minding the Store?

                    —Roger L. Conlee, author of Souls on the Wind and The Hindenburg Letter. 

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