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Bridgette Gates. Never been in love. And the guys only love me when I drop them. In one relationship came pregnancy. But it wasn't a good pregnancy. Instead of me having a regular pregnancy, I had a miscarriage. Weirdly, I wasn't depressed like other women when they lose their child. I just kicked it to the side like it was nothing.

As a child your asked what you want, and of course being a chid, we all made long list.…


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They pulled up in front of a night club.

''Member,don't act suspicious,get jiggy wit a broad. Jus keep ya head focoused. Ya got me?''

"Yerd." ( together )

They walked in the club.On their way in, Raz told the guard to tell Tommy they were there. As they got in,Sharp pulled some girl to his waist.

"Mmm-mmm-mmm! Oooo! You tall, chocolate,and jus like I like em. You wanna dance?"


"You can buy me a drink since you ont wanna dance."



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The entire crew was going out together today.

"It's so great to see everybody here."

Shorty was trying to talk to every girl that walked by.

"Yo shawty!"

"Boy what you want?"

"Ya numba."

"You ont even know my name and you want ma numba?"



The girl wrote her number on a piece of paper.Within 25 minutes,Shorty had 17 girls numbers in his pocket.



"Get ova here!Man you…


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Just The Begining

''Uh...Where am I?'' A tall black man walked over to her. ''Hi. I'm Dr. Collins.Do you remember anything?'' ''No.Well...I was at my apartment and uh...There was a knock at the door.When I answered seven boys approached me.'' ''Do you remember their faces?'' ''No.I was just so worried about trying to get away.'' ''Can you try to remember what happened?'' ''Uh... He pushed me into the wall.I hit my head extremely hard. He threw me over his shoulder. He carried me to the nearest bedroom…


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