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I've been coming up with some ideas for my next story but I'm not sure if it's ANY good. Would any of you out there who feels the same way I feel please show some of your work and maybe that would help me.

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It can be annoying sometimes when writers are constantly plagued by numerous ideas, but I agree with Lori's comment, don't stop because you're unsure. Best just to keep writing no matter what you may think at the time because at some point early ideas may start to look more appealing and fit into the present storyline.

Marieh - I recently decided to start my day with writing at least 4,000 words (draft) for my latest mystery and it has worked out well - I've averaged over 4300 and had a few 6,000 + days in there - all in the span of no more than 4 hours! I accept the reality - FIRST DRAFT WRITING WILL STINK! but I know from experience the revision stage will iron out all those grammar, character, setting and plot issues. I allow myself  to go off on tangents and what if character x does this v. that. What if character x goes here v. there? Throw characters and random events and don't forget setting into your idea. (a haunted house, for example might provide more ideas than a grocery store.


I think that happens with a lot of people. Start writing what you see in yoru head and don't question it. The odds are that your first draft will be garbage, but it garbage with potential.


I don't believe anyone in a lousy writer.

What I believe is necessary for some writers is to enroll in a college creative writing class. Most instructors I believe would be happy for someone to just sit in on their class. You would be exposed to an entire room filled with people with creative juices and desire to write poetry, short stories and novels.

Networking with those people you admire in class is sure to rub off on you and show you the way to go from idea to novel.

I hope my advice has been helpful to you.

Speaking of first drafts, I am grateful I don't have any of my 1983 poems to read, lol.



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