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During a time when being eco-friendly and "going green" is the concern of many, how can marketers make sure they're also doing their part? Easy! R-E-C-Y-C-L-E. Recycle content, that is. Okay, so you won't exactly be saving any trees or anything (unless you quit it with all that direct mail you're doing, which we recommend anyway), but you'll still be making your marketing more efficient. And saving time and effort is still saving something, right?

Here are 5 great ways you can recycle your content and get more traffic and leads for your content creation efforts.

1. Use Ebook Excerpts for Blog Articles, and Vice Versa Hurting for blog content? Grab an excerpt from one of the ebooks you've published, and repurpose it as a blog post. Recycling ebook content is a great tactic for pulling together a quick post in a time crunch, and it's also a fantastic way to promote your ebooks again. Similarly, you can use the same concept when creating ebooks. Have a series of already-written blog articles on the same topic that can be bundled into an ebook? Even if you have just one article that can make up a section of the ebook you're creating, you'll save some time and effort.

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