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Hi there! Social networking has engulfed our lives, so why not maximize your presence and reach on the social networks, since you spend time there anyways. Not to mention how incredibly powerful the social networks are at reaching people. Before the days of Facebook and Twitter, there was Plaxo and Linkedin, which started as simply ways of exchanging contact information and vcards. Personally, I embraced these technologies because at the time I was very into business development and connecting with people to promote the company I was with at the time. But I definitely saw the potential and tried to maximize them for all they were worth, which resulted in acquiring a lot of contacts over the years. Nowadays, Facebook and Twitter dominate the landscape and LinkedIn has stepped its game up recently, Plaxo too but much less used, although still useful. Here are some good ways to ramp up your social networking activities to better take advantage of the opportunity:

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Thanks Scribbler yet again for helping us. I certainly need all the help I can get with this stuff.


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