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Pottermore and Beyond: New Digital Opportunities for Authors and Publishers

When the first Amazon Kindle was released in 2007, the publishing industry held its breath. Would a digital eReader be the print book's kryptonite just as the web had been for newspapers and magazines? Four years later, most of us still peruse the florescent-lit aisles of Barnes and Nobles on occasion; we even stop by the local library to check out the latest best seller, but with the many digital options currently available for readers to consume content, print media might soon become the last place we look to meet our needs.

Don't panic. This change isn't necessarily a bad thing. Social media, tablets, and eReaders have not only changed the publishing model, they have given authors and publishers a whole new avenue to engage readers beyond printed books. Now, with the launch of interactive websites that accompany these books, such as J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter experience, Pottermore, and the continued growth and acceptance of mobile apps, the list of digital possibilities is getting longer.


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