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                                       Written By:  R.F. HUSNIK



I’m thinking all I can

really hope for here,

on the inside,

is that time will

pass by peacefully there,

on the outside.


But yes,

I’m thinking also of course

that it’s only through

chance – yet wait – isn’t

it also through choice

that I’m here today

on the inside

looking outward?


And here my watching

nourishes my capability

to comprehend what can be

deduced from

sighted outward

landscapes, life forms,

and occurrences


And now

I can accept as true

what appear to be

verifiable pictures

modified slightly – and

admittedly by the panes


And those portrayals

of all I currently see

provide worthwhile diversity,

and hint that

to see raindrops fall

is sadness


Thus, who wouldn’t

rather hide within

either daylight’s or night’s

shelter, than expose

his or her control

to the controlling outbursts

of either man or nature?


But yes, of course

a lot of people

are in, or are

seeking control there

on the outside.


Yet, they can’t regulate

inner minds,

and, minds on the inside,

having been informed of

what’s to be seen

by eyes that have seen it,

formulate codes of correctness

within themselves,

condensed naturally from

all fragments of all

actions and viewpoints

known now to exist

on the outside


Yes, and such formulation

offers then, hopefully

peace of mind to that mind

which has accomplished

such formulation

on the inside

through its control

of eyes looking outside.

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A philosophical piece.  Well written for the mind that understands what it means by being regulated on the inside looking outside.

I liked this. You have a good grasp of how repetition can change slightly the charge of words.


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