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                                       Written By:  R.F. HUSNIK



When removed from

glass enclosures

I often can’t comprehend

all I see


For me,

the glass must function

as a filter of sorts.

It must portray life as I

wish it could be – not

necessarily as it is


And, away from the glass

I must contend with what,

for lack of better terminology,

is “really real.”

And when I look

upon all I see then,

it must be, that

at that time, I see

only what the Master wishes


And though,

as I’ve already said,

my comprehension seems

somewhat “compromised” then,

I’m thinking I’m, at that time,

supposed to imagine

whatever possible potential goodness

might exist in all my eyes

might then present my mind

for consideration of


But, frankly,

I don’t want to allow

all my life’s moments

to elapse in the

pursuit of

possible potential present-time goodness


And, truthfully,

I need the escape

of glass induced views.

And, I need to look from

the inside out

to see outside weather,

and from the outside in

to see inside situations


And when I experience

such “looking through” experiences,

I then can easily fathom

why so many mortals

ask why the sun shines one day

and rain falls the next.

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