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 I wrote this, to relate to me more than anything I see myself as the special somebody. One who will put everyone before herself and it's inspired by Emily Dickinson's poem "Are you a Nobody". Comments, advice are always appreciated. Thank you.

~Carly Jean Montgomery-Wildermuth.

Emily once asked
“Are you a Nobody?”
Emily, I say to you
I am a somebody, a special somebody.
There are a lot of special somebody’s.
They’re different you see and want to be seen as special and different.
Painters want to be seen, and loved.
Musicians wish to be heard and enjoyed.
People, like I, want acceptance.
We want everything and nothing.
Friends are great, but we can live without them.
Our moods change with the people around.
We find pity for each other but not for ourselves.
We are thought as “bipolar”
When really we’re confused.
We want everyone happy before us, and do anything to make it so.
No we are not Nobody’s we are special somebody’s and we don’t ask for much
All we require is acceptance.

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Beautiful and so true. Everyone is a someone, but as you so eloquently say, most have a habit of putting others before themselves. But sometimes what we need is to realise just how unique and fabulous we are, is to put ourselves first. Allow our own happiness and so push ourselves into a somebody that we recognise and accept :D


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