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'sleeping with wolfs'

by Fel


your sleeping with wolfs my dear,

soon they'll rip your throat

in tiny little pieces.

Crushing your bones, scartering them 

like jigsaw puzzle.


Sooner or later your heart will 

be of no use.

for you told, you told them your secrets,

and everything about your life.

poison words they'll reveal to you,

telling you corruption  and negativity 

that should help sink your soul.


you believe everything they say

but turn deaf ears and blind eyes to me.

All i do was only love you.

then stab me in the back,

then you join their pack.




Now your left with cold past of furrs,


all you do is annoy me with  your


cry and hurts.


I warn you about those blood sucking 




That just want to know about your human



to turn it up and down, left and  right.





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This poem was intriguing of which I can relate to its bitter love and betrayel. It is soul cutting.

I've read your poem and though at first read it seems a pleasant enough poem I feel that there are 'things' concealed from the ordinary reader. What might help is knowing the background to the poem? In its present state it is 'easy' . But to move it upwards to a higher level needs slight changes that only you can make. It appears slightly in need or re-structuring because the lines are different lengths in each verse. Is there a reason for that? Why is the final verse in red? Does red have a special meaning? Has blood been spilt and why?

I can not but help feeling I'm missing something that you want to share. Perhaps it is in the attachment called unsave.aspx. which I cannot open. Others might be able to open it but does it explain everything. I have no idea. And lastly will you publish this poem? I'm in favopur of people publishing because then they will soon know what writing is all about.

Best wishes

Cleveland W. Gibson


yes there is a reason for the lines being lengthy.....the final verse in red because the friendship is now broken and blood was spill. lastly i plan to publish it but don't know where to..

thank you

The poem is already published by being on-line. But I think you might want to publish in paper. That's a little harder to do because often you'll meet an editor who decides what to accept or reject. But it is not impossible. What you have to do is go through your poem  and make it more meaningful.


thanks for the advice.... :)


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