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Killing Me!

by felisha


My heart is ripping apart.

And it's killing me.

Is that what you would like to see?

I cry and my tears flood the sky.

I'm alone and the world is slowly killing me.

No one will help me.

I try to keep my head high, but I am to shy.

I'm ashamed of people hearing my name

because they talk about the scars on my arm.

I feel like dying, but to scared of trying.

I have had the rope, but then I let it go!

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Writing the pain away is far greater than living with it. I have been where you are. That's why I started writing poetry. Through the poems, I found peace. But it took many to come out on the other side. I hope you don't give up. And whether or not you believe in God, perhaps it is time to talk to him. He loves you. He also  wants you here. There will be time to join him later...

Thank you


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