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Kill Thy Flesh

By Felisha


“Who are you to say

I must take a knife and kill my flesh?

Is this your number one test?

You SAW what happen to my brother,

And I must do the same…. am I bother?

Telling me to kill my flesh,

I thought know what’s best?”



“I’m the Lord you’re God,

I’m strength, the joy of your life

I can take the pain away, and erase

Any strives.

I can set you free and give you victory,

I’m the one on the inside of you,

One God in the Holy Trinity.

He’s an accuser of the saints

Don’t choose death no more…you can’t”   

“My sins are way too drastic Lord

How can forgive me-

I even cursed in crowd,

How can you have mercy?”


“I’m the Lord your God,

Who is able to forgive.

I will open my arms,

Come as you are

Kill thy flesh,

And all things will

Granted unto you.

The enemy is fighting you

Just tell him to prepare to lose.”


“Oh lord have mercy on me,

I’ve sinned; I want to live for eternity

Oh lord have mercy, feel so guilty.

I refuse to follow you and fail

Not lifting my eyes in no hell”

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