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is how screens

and screenings

are filtering violence today


But the optimist

applies a rose

as he closes

a page of tragedy


And the pessimist

said he had

no answers concerning

great acts of hatred

or insanity


And there were some


who wouldn’t fight evil

because they said

it’s become too common


And some

upper class isolationists

said they were isolated

from deadly crimes,

while some lower class


said their lives

were laborious and classless


But sometimes

the writer must stray

from all we’d perhaps

wish he’d say


And he’s not really

so much different

than all those others

who aren’t fighting trends

with pen in hand


And can you help

that writer

pen this poem’s

rightful end?


Maybe it just

slipped away, or

as we should hope

maybe it’s trying today

to protect mankind

from human impetuousness



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