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                                           Written By: R.F. Husnik



I am not worthy

to join those who live

along the north shore

of the river. Yet, I

must answer their question:

“Man who’s come to us

from where the artist

has painted a bay green,

what are your perceptions

of our city now, and what

about its newest lovers?”


And I said:  “My observations

are perhaps best left unshared;

they’re clouded by my

gargantuan ego.”


“But you know,

had I known years ago

that someday I’d meet

Joe, Sharon, Rashon, John,

Ralph, Amber, Renni, and

all the others, I might well

have prayed: ‘Master sustain me,

till dawns the day I shall

meet them all face to face.’”


But now I’ve learned of two

others – two lives separate now

which may one day be one, but

we don’t know that for certain,

only literature’s gods can decide

such fates


And I wonder if editors,

agents, publishers, etc. will

grant their blessings to

Charles and Valerie – he’s

from this city, but she’s

European. She lives in the

city of light.


And what an appropriate

comparison is offered between

a source of any light, and the

love of those two who’ve

actually, I’m humbled to admit,

changed my life just by their

desire to live and love

within a world that’s

different now – changed

for all causes of all types

of freedom


And the light of their romance

is strong enough to brighten

all darkness still emanating

from any or all

inquisitions of man


But that man unworthy

tried to give them a gift

of reflection, yet

established minds said

“What will become of love affairs

supersedes your pen’s

ability to relate.”


And thus, bereft of that

chance, today that man

attempts to grant those lovers

the possibility to love,

or not love one another,

and to demonstrate

a romance which might

outshine other contemporary

illuminations, as it

simultaneously claims for

modern man all enlightenments

and symbolisms

which may today

radiate from out the Renaissance still

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