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This is the perhaps unnecessary task

Of describing a tranquil nighttime

Owned still by a current

And not yet next day


And on this

Soon to be previous day

One wonders and fears

What creativity portrayed in dreams

May now be tempted by sleep


Will it be strong enough

To form eventual word drawings

Or only to portray images

Upon closed eyes

Asleep below a cognizant mind


Oh, I don’t think we really know

How each moment

Becomes part of a present reality

Too quickly – too quickly

But then retreats into

A forever unchangeable past


Were those who attempted

To portray time’s passage

Severely sinful if they failed

To accurately describe

How time keeps on – keeps on


From behind me

I believe the answer has been given

A normally unobtrusive clock

Announces that twenty three

Of today’s twenty four

Hourly divisions are gone now


And each strike

Though not loud

Pierces and assaults the stillness


And the reality

Of a seemingly meaningless moment

Grasps me - frightens me

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