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Our lives will soon be over

That fact is traced

In lines across our face


But whatever we may fear

In regard to oncoming “oldness”

Must most often be downplayed

Else paranoia would determine

Our earthly pace, and

Thwart whatever images

We might wish to mirror

As we daily run and protect

Our race


Today wisdom expands

Our minds mechanically

And its tenets are often

Machine computed

But the knowledge it contains

Doesn’t always uplift

Sometimes it’s diluted

And refuted


And someday both

Our loves and hates

Will surely be vanquished

And the relationships

Which formed them

Will remain eternally

As new spokes

On the wheel of fate


Our wealth will soon

Be worthless

That fact is written

In words across its face

“In God We Trust”

It says there

But how many even read that

And how many rely

On dollars rather than God’s grace



Planet Earth may or may not

Exist forever

That’s an ageless debate


But we know our souls

Are eternal

And they’ll always be –

and that proves all endings

will dissolve into time entirely

though marks in the book

of humanity

are always left in their place.

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I would look at the sentence, tense. I flow is good. I would use Italics instead if quotations, and no punctuation.  

Thank you for your comments, I will keep that in mind for the next poem


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