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inquired the teacher

of the new comer.

Bridge, she announced, with the flair

of an actor,

“Ah! A connector, we have here,”

said the teacher.

With a ‘t’ appended,

the star added.


Animals refer not to each other by name

someone once wrote.

They rather sniff out their kinds.

The male deer chases not after the female

screeching “hey Sandie!”

“I’ll catch up with thee!”


I once met a Taylor

who dressed like a sailor

and an Angeline

with a face like a tangerine

A Leo from a long time ago,

I remember

who donned a beard  like a goat.


Dogs have characters


But don’t sniff me like one

for I’m not that kind

and don’t call me “Hey you!”

A generic for inconnu.


Bridge with a ‘t’ appended

the teacher regarded

the brazen newbie.

Is that a popular name in your area?

Yes, like your Maria

Well … smiled the teacher,

a name that connects

is not quite easy to forget.


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Hi 'Bridge with a 't' appended

Your poem made me smile as there are some funny quips in there.

The last two lines are like that. "a name that connects is not easy to forget.'

So what's in a name? There is in fact quite a lot.

Now you've writen the poem about your name you

might like to write a limerick on your name.



Thanks. I'm glad you got a kick from this one. I write too many serious poems.  Thought I'd write something funny this time.


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