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Do you write or read about werewolves, vampires, angels or demons?  Tell us what you write - what you read and what you like!

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I think the meanings have become blurred, or at best, interchangeable.  Supernatural is beyond nature or not subject to the laws of nature (the word dating back to the 16th century), whereas paranormal (20th century etymology) is loosely the same thing, but is actually outside the boundary of experience or explanation by way of science.  So, an archangel would be supernatural, a ghost would be paranormal.   Witches, wizards and shape-shifters would be primarily supernatural mythologically; however, both would work within the realm of the paranormal and/or occult, so they are a little in-between the worlds, perhaps.   Vampires would be more paranormal, because they are subject to the laws that govern their own existence (nocturnal, blood and so on).   I'd say werewolves were more in between, but closer to paranormal, though I think one is usually cursed to be a werewolf, so maybe a little occult in there as well.

I classify my book as supernatural, but it has elements of the paranormal.  At first, I described it as only paranormal, but it was pointed out that the supernatural element was actually a stronger aspect of the story.

Yeah I'd agree. Paranormal (outside of normal experience) creatures are still governed by some laws of nature, while supernatural (above the natural world) are beyond any physical laws, and are more fun, in my opinion :-)

Interesting question! I had always determined that 'supernatural' referred to creatures such as vampires and werewolves, while for me 'paranormal' referred more to aliens and I suppose ghosts. I hadn't really researched the origins of the words so that was useful information, thanks.

I write Two Paranormal series, Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn, and A Lite Farie Tale.

TBMD; I use Egyptian myth as my foundational myth, but incorporate myths from all over the world. Vamps, werewolves, shape-shifters, witches, demons, gargoyles, ninja clans, ancient church societies, tantric, spartacus, merlin, titans and the progenitors of the species just to name a few.


T.B.M.D; Arieanna's Legend

T.M.T.N; kissing cousins

T.C.B.M; the Arvantes 

Dark Premonitions; the seeker

A Kiss Between Midnight & Dawn; Sephoroth's Return

The Gargoyle Keeper; best Mates forever

Red Ryzin; Okuzo

A Lite Farie Tale

Celtic legends, Odin, Llewellyn, Irish folklore, Fae.

Midna's Farie Tale

To Teach is Divine

Procede with Caution

Gravitating to werewolves, I love writing about vampire, as an author, but as a reader, I don’t read paranormal or fantasy fiction. My historical fiction and paranormal adventure A Handful of Blossoms, 96 000 words, was released in June

and my latest release is Extraordinary Story of a Turnskin (ISBN 9781300449454), 9 630 words

Extraordinary Story of a Turnskin is about a warlock and a werewolf. Set in a trans-Carpathian land the story may be dated 18th century, but this medley of events, pictures and scenes could happen much earlier. New, stylish and truly ancient, the story suggests one more theory of werewolves’ origin. 

Thank you for asking.  


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