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I was discussing various aspects of the paranormal with a group of friends last weekend. The subject of astral projection was raised and I was asked if I knew of any novels where this was a theme.

I can't think of any books where astral projection was part of the story and I wondered if anyone here knew of any titles.

Maybe this is an aspect of the paranormal that has yet to be used in fiction ...

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Interesting question! I can't recall any specific novels that feature this, but I have read stories where characters had out of body experiences. Maybe that is similar, but they weren't the central themes but rather aspects of the characters' adventures. No, perhaps it is something to consider.

Thanks Catherine and Mariah for both your feedback on this. I had a follow-up discussion with my friends on this and one recommended the movie Insidious, starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne. I haven’t seen it yet, but I understand that astral projection is part of the story.

I wonder where the line draws between near-death-experience and astral projecting ... or maybe they are one and the same thing?

Hmm it is indeed a fine line. I think there is a difference, because to my mind astral projection is something you could achieve by putting yourself into a deep meditative trance. A near death experience usually happens after you receive trauma of some kind, although it has been known to happen to people while they sleep.


 I am hoping that the originator of this question John Walker is still around and he is still interested in the answer because not only can I answer his question positively I can also share the fact with you all that I am the author of such books.

 My main genre is Murder Mystery, however to make myself and my stories that little bit different I blended my interest in all things paranormal into my work.

 I am Merlin Fraser author of the INNER SPACE trilogy of books (inner space being the human mind). You can find out a little more about me by visiting my page here or a lot more by swing through to my web site

I hope you won't be disappointed John nor your friends when you pass your new found information onto them. 



In my book, The Evangeline Heresy, there is a chapter with astral projection.  The character of Ethan Broughton is forcefully ejected from his body and looks down to see his inert form.

Astral projection was a big theme in Marie Corelli's books.  A Romance of Two Worlds comes to mind and Ardath.  I think she was Rosicrucian or something.  Corelli was a Victorian writer who amassed a fortune with her metaphysical novels and a favorite author of the Queen. 

Thanks for mentioning that title, Mariah.  I'll look for that book when I'm at B&N tomorrow evening. 

Mariah de la Croix said:

Hi John,

One book that comes to mind where astral projection and many other paranormal aspects are spoken of is "River Runs Red" by Jeffrey J. Mariotte (Jove Books, New York,, ISBN 978-0-515-14477-2).  It's a super interesting story that kept my attention to the point where I couldn't put it down - and that ain't easy to do.


The subject of this post drew me in because I use AP as part of my book, "A Secret Within". 


I totally use it. Because my books center off an Egyptian myth and the gods and goddesses of that time period, I project the main three female, and male characters back and fourth, because of a certain goddess. I have it in every book so far in that series, its part of the plot. :)

Astral projection is one of the main themes in my latest novel, "Judgement Daze". The research was a blast.

Been working on it for years and finally, it is in the final edit stage. Trolling for agents, thinking about self publishing.

Brief intro to it on

Thanks for looking




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