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Somewhere I read once that a good practice is to write about what you know.  When strange things started to happen around my sister's house, I did just that. Many family members thought I was crazy, but it's not uncommon to be asked, "Are you done with your book yet?". I find it a bit eerie in the research of the house and it's occupants (only 3 since it was built back in 1939).  This was certainly a house with an attitude! 

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Thanks for your reply Mariah...I've got quite a few facts already documented and am planning a trip to the archives to research the land and its origins.,,,when my sister lived there, the occurances were not of the friendly kind. It seemed to only get worse. The lady she sold it to didn't last long in the house and now it is currently operated as a housing aid house....there is no doubt in my mind that the house had a mind of its own....we were once going to have a research team check it out, but her husband didn't want to get media involved...I'll definately keep you in mind when I complete the book. thanks again for a lot of good advise!  :-) 

Love reading about, and writing about your book done yet?


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