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Hello everyone. The publication of my very first book will begin sometime next month (September). I am very excited about this. I am a 34 year old male and my book is non-fiction. It is a true and harsh reality of what happens when we become victims of addiction(s) if we do not make that first step.


I have listed the synopsis below of my book: Words from my Mouth-Person Addiction and the battles within! Also, I have listed my Facebook page I have for the novel. I encourage everyone to check out the Facebook page and under "INFO" you can read more about it as well. If you like it, I would love you to "LIKE" it on Facebook and even spread the word around. I would be more than happy to assist in all authors and their dreams of becoming selling authors.


SYNOPSIS of Words from my Mouth-Person Addiction and the battles within!


I always wanted to share stories, adventures, and experiences with the world. Going back in time I never thought I would be writing of something so powerful and about something that took everything away from me but at the same time changed me. Until we awake and realize this has got to stop, addiction will continue to destroy millions of people’s lives. I suffered from someone’s own addictions as I tried to battle my own to him. I have experienced infidelity acts, lies, thieving acts, even toyed with prescription drugs, and faced death to satisfy my addiction to someone. We had a beautiful Victorian home, acres of land, nice vehicles, a commercial greenhouse, raised a two year old, and we were elected officials. We lost it all because we thought we were superior to everyone. I was always faithful and had all faith in God, but I abandoned Him and my deep values to satisfy my negative behaviors. The power of forgiveness is the most prized gift we have from the Lord and He forgave my abandonment to Him and saved me from my relationship. I am living proof that a person can make that first step and survive a person addiction and survive others' deep and profound addictions. I share how I will never be that story again.

E. Splater
Copyright, Excerpt from "Words from my Mouth..."



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